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Name   Company  Phone  Email
 Lisa Hart  Allegor Appraisal Services  925-672-6709  
 Anneka Hall  Anekka Hall Appraisals  559-392-4198  anneka.hall@sbcglobal.net
 Jacob Brewster  C.W. Page and Associates  559-298-7741  
 Christine Brown  Christine Brown  775-831-6075  
 Corina Pollard  Corina Pollard Appraisal  562-989-1004  corina.pollard@verizon.net
 Don Martin  DJ Martin Appraisal  530-336-5245  DJmartin@shasta.com
 Douglas Kuss  Douglas Kuss Appraisal Service  530-527-8473  
 Cheryl Hensley  Granicher Appraisal  530-898-8210  
 Belinda Heisner  Heisner and Associates  925-809-7370  belinda@heisnerappraisals.com
 Marie Grandup  I.M. Grandup Appraising  831-726-3215  
 Tony Yuke  Yuke and Associates  916-448-9853  
 James Hildman  James Hildman  775-267-2775  
 Julie Bonomo  JBonomo Appraisal  650-356-1066  jbonomo@sbcglobal.net
 Jack Kemper  Kemper Capital Appraisals  510-417-0093  j.kemper@yahoo.com
 Lynn Johnson  Lynn Johnson Appraisals  530-221-2020  
 Jay Ostlund  Ostlund Appraisal  925-516-6860  jay@ostlundappraisals.com
 Paul Read  Paul Read Apprasials  925-634-3127  prappraiser@prodigy.net
 Jim Presta  Presta Appraisal Group  415-332-9696  
 Douglas Payne  Quality Appraisal Service    
 Robert Fuchslin  Real Property Consultants  510-791-5241  
 Loring Greene  Realworks Inc.  818-236-3697  
 Robert E. Williams  Robert E. Williams  530-846-4567  
 David Skelton  Skelton Appraisal  925-679-9100  skeltonappraisal@sbcglobal.net
 William Dunlap  Tri-Valley Appraisals  925-743-1500  
 Tony Vigil  Valtech Appraisals  916-624-2455  
 Mary Lou Sakoi  Valuation Services  916-670-1707  
 Tim Warden  Warden Appraisal  925-687-7200  tim@wardenappraisal.com
 Doug DeMars  West Coast Appraisal  925-777-0188  


191 Sand Creek Rd Suite 212 Brentwood CA 94513
Office Phone: 855-200-7740 Fax: 925.516.3328 Cell Phone: 925-315-6300

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